The Institute of Leadership and Ethics



Het Instituut of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE) is een onderzoeksinstituut opgericht door de ETF in 2008 vanuit de vakgroepen Systematische Theologie en Praktische Theologie. ILSE legt zich middels verbindingen tussen christelijke professionals en academici toe op sleutelvragen rond leiderschap en sociale ethiek in christelijk perspectief.

Bekijk de website van ILSE voor meer informatie over doelstellingen, activiteiten en onderzoekers.


Countering Mission Drift in Faith-based Organizations: A One-day Training Event for Leaders (25 januari 2019)

Locatie: Leuven

Verantwoordelijke:ETF Leuven

Meer info: ILSE

Are you a board member or trustee of a Christian organization, committed to advising, warning and encouraging the Executive? Or are you responsible for leadership, strategic planning and organizational development in a faith-based NGO?

Many Christian organizations and NGO’s experience a shift of focus over time, away from their founding mission, core purpose and identity. This is a well-known challenge facing faith-based organizations called Mission Drift. The Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE) invites you to participate in a training event which offers practical advice on how to deal with this challenge by providing theological insights.

We will look at examples from the early Church and a case study of World Vision. In discussion we will share and interact with different expert stakeholders – practitioners, academics and network representatives.

See this link for more information about the program. Note: there is an early bird reduction of €50 on bookings received before November 30th.